Cécile Spirit is a French-Vietnamese contemporary Artist. She now lives in Singapore where she is building her reputation as well as her repertoire of art. 

Her artistic process began as a child when she lived in Brittany, France. She was inspired by a variety of architectural styles that surrounded her in the early years.

Cecile made a bold move to London and then to Shanghai where she further absorbed and incorporated influenced of her new surroundings into her work. 

Cecile is mostly a self-taught artist, she is enlightened by the metropolis and urban lifestyles.

In Singapore she interweaves the cross-cultural worlds of life here where people are all interconnected regardless of culture, religion, race or beliefs. 

Cecile still maintains a home in the South-eastern part of France in the beautiful provincial town of Valbonne. From there she continues to absorb the influences of her French heritage and integrates them into her latest inspirational creations.


Cécile primarily uses drawing, painting and mixed media as medium ranging from glue paint, wire, to stickers and many more. 
Her work is characterized by vibrant colors, contrasting shapes and bold compositions. 

Her artwork has previously been exhibited in Shanghai at the esteemed Art+ Shanghai Gallery.

Now the undeniable and fabulous Singapore skyline and landscape in particular the iconic Marina Bay Sand which she finds amazingly stunning, allows her to innovate with unlimited combination. She ties in the world of fashion: Fashion, Art and the Entertainment Industry - a winning combination indeed!